Dirty Looks Review

Hi loves,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been super busy trying to juggle a full time job, hardcore fitness routine and planning a wedding!

Anyways, so today I’m reviewing the Dirty looks extensions for you guys! I was sent these by DirtyLooks.us, but my opinion is based solely upon what I really thought of these.

I picked their clip in bangs and their volumizing bouffant to review! I was so excited about these because I’ve honestly always wanted bangs but never had the courage to get such a bold cut. The color I picked for both the bouffant and bangs was melted chocolate brown, though it matches the ends of my hair, it’s a little lighter than my roots but somehow it works. The clip in bangs do look natural if you style them correctly, make sure to always part and clip them in securely.

The bouffant is instant volume! Literally my hair looks 50x more volumized after clipping them in. I love the look when I pair both the clip ins and bouffant together. I think this is a great investment to spice up your everyday look! If you’re looking for clip ins such as bangs and volume, check out http://www.dirtylooks.us. They also have amazing hair extensions too!






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